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Larissa Baldwin

Campaign Director

Larissa is a Widjabul woman from the Bundjalung Nations and GetUp’s First Nations Justice Campaign Director. She dedicates her life to fighting for First Nations justice and Self-Determination. From staunch grassroots resistance, to building the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, to starting First Nations Justice campaigning at GetUp. Larissa has a passion for mentoring young people, and crafting brilliant campaign strategies.

Larissa is an expert on gas policy, she has spent extensive periods of time in the Northern Territory working directly with Traditional Owners and communities who don’t support fracking on their land. She’s also undertaken extensive research and policy campaign work on gas supply, the gas industry and its impacts on climate change and fossil fuel emissions.

Larissa can speak on a range of diverse topics including, Native Title and land rights, decarceration, democracy, health, education and politics

Before she joined GetUp she was National Co-Director for Seed Mob and a Queensland Campaigner for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition working across on the Reef and Galilee campaign.