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Jordan Wimbis


Jordan is a Wakka Wakka, South Sea Islander man and First Nations Justice Campaigner at GetUp! His family are from the Good Night Scrub in South East Queensland with connections right along the coast of QLD, stretching towards the Northern Territory. First Nations justice and equity have always been the foundation Jordan has built his career around. From his experience in the Public, private and Non-for profit sectors, Jordan has built a strong passion for seeing First Nations peoples in leadership roles making the decision that affect his mob at a grassroots level.

Jordan has a wealth of knowledge on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and resistance through his study and research work. He also saw the implementation of several social service policies as part of a task force to better improve First Nations outcome with the NSW Government. This year Jordan is undertaking a Graduate Diploma with the University of Sydney.

Before coming to GetUp Jordan worked as an advocate and liaison officer for homeless Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the wider Sydney region, allowing Jordan to really understand the barriers to First Nations justice.