About us

GetUp’s First Nations Justice Team have launched a groundbreaking online platform to supercharge our capacity to mobilise and shift the national dial on First Nations issues. With a podcast, website, videos, and innovative mobilisation chatbots, TalkBlack will build a massive First Nations community ready to take action online and offline.

Run by and for First Nations people, the platform is dedicated to reclaiming our shared history, truth-telling, and building people-power to fight back.

From standing with families breaking the silence on deaths in custody, to fighting for national cultural heritage protection, TalkBlack will share the stories that matter in our voice – and give First Nations people a way to take action.

It is modelled off PushBlack, America’s largest nonprofit media platform for Black people, which engages millions of Black-Americans daily. Through its platform, PushBlack has become one of the largest mobilisers in the country, reaching over 10 million Black-Americans in the Get Out To Vote campaign.

TalkBlack aims to be just as powerful – turning engagement from First Nations communities and allies into real-world action.

This work is led by a team of campaigners and organisers from the Widjabul Wia-bul, Gooreng Gooreng, Wiradjuri, Noongar, Wakka Wakka, Muluridji and Warumungu Nations.

It's made possible by everyday people - you can be part of powering this important work by chipping in here.