Protect our voting rights

Over the last two years, the Territory and Morrison Governments have failed us – a slow vaccine roll out, families with no ability to isolate due to the housing crisis, food supply chain shortages and a huge increase in the cost of living.

Their failures raise big unanswered questions as to how the upcoming Federal Election will be rolled out safely – including limiting the Electoral Commission from travelling to remote communities to get people enrolled. And with thousands of Aboriginal people across the Northern Territory not enrolled to vote, that’s a big problem.

Refusing these communities the ability to enrol based on political failures is an extension of racist and undemocratic decision making from the Morrison Government – one we can’t trust them to fix on their own. 

The decision to expand enrolment access to Aboriginal communities because of the COVID-19 mess sits with Minister Ben Morton. If he hears from thousands of us in the next few days, he will have no choice but to reverse this undemocratic decision. 

We shouldn’t be denied our right to vote on the issues we care about because of this Government’s failure to protect us.

Aboriginal people have the power to swing this election to the things that matter to our communities. We must be enrolled to vote.

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